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Wednesday, April 28, 1999
CONTACT: Dick Wadhams
Marc Holtzman


DENVER  -  Governor Bill Owens today launched the "New Century Colorado" initiative to modernize state government, achieve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. Owens named cabinet member Marc Holtzman, Director of the Governor's new Office of Innovation & Technology, to spearhead the effort. The "New Century Colorado" project is the first step in Governor Owens' efforts to prepare Colorado's government for the challenges of the next century.

"New Century Colorado will combine the expertise of Colorado's state workforce and private professionals to take full advantage of 21st Century technology and management efficiencies for the benefit of Colorado taxpayers," said Owens.

"New Century Colorado will save Colorado taxpayers many millions of dollars. The up front costs of this project will be paid for many times over by the savings we will generate," Owens added. "When North Carolina invested $3 million in a similar reengineering program, $280 million in savings were realized. It is easy to see why we are excited about New Century Colorado."

New Century Colorado will utilize the expertise of our State employees with the guidance of an outside firm to conduct a comprehensive examination of all business practices in every government department. The early focus will be on those business practices that cut across department lines, such as centralized procurement to reduce costs and standardized personnel systems that eliminate redundancy. According to Owens, "Last year the State of Colorado purchased 5,000 computers at an average price of $1,800. With centralized procurement in place the price could drop to as little as $1,300. That's a savings of $2.5 million in this one area alone."

The consultant will work with teams of state employees to implement "New Century Colorado." "New Century Colorado is also about creating new opportunities for State employees - to make their jobs more productive and more exciting. Currently, Colorado's government and its workers are plagued by the existence of outdated technology and onerous management structures," stated Owens. "In short, Colorado's government is short-changing its employees and the taxpayers. By introducing modern business systems and technology, we will create the opportunities for state employees to work in an exciting and stimulating workplace. I want New Century Colorado to be a rewarding experience for state employees."

New Century Colorado is a long-term effort that will be separated into several phases. Work on Phase 1 will begin on July 1, 1999 and end in early November. The goal of Phase 1 is to provide a strategic assessment that will serve as a long-term action plan for reengineering Colorado government. It will also identify and generate immediate savings and improvements for Colorado taxpayers. Subsequent phases will implement specific aspects of the reengineering plan. The views of taxpayers will be important. Public hearings will be held in every region of the State to give each resident the opportunity to contribute to this process.

Proposals are due Thursday, May 20th. Oral presentations will be made in early June and the Selection Committee will announce the winning consultant firm by mid-June.

A bipartisan RFP Review and Selection Committee is being organized. Several members of the Owens Cabinet, Senator Lacy, Sam Cassidy of Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, Ouray County Commissioner Frank Hodsoll, and Wendell Pryor, the President of the Colorado Association of Public Employees, will be invited to serve.

The proposed RFP Review Committee includes:

Holtzman is organizing a study mission for early May to Frankfort, Kentucky for several member of the Committee as well as House and Senate Leadership to see first hand the tremendous benefits of Democratic Governor Paul Patton's "Empower Kentucky" reengineering program.

The 12-page New Century Colorado RFP has been posted on the State's web site at

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