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DENVER – Governor Bill Owens signed legislation today at the McIntosh Dairy Farm in Adams County that will provide local governments with additional tools to manage their growth. 


“These bills represent the most significant reform of our land use laws in nearly 30 years,” said Governor Owens.  “I am proud that we can give local governments the tools they need to manage growth.”


At the signing ceremony, the Governor signed four bills.  House Bill 1006, sponsored by Rep. Joe Stengel and Sen. Ed Perlmutter, requires high-population and quickly-growing counties to have a comprehensive land use plan, while exempting small local governments that aren’t growing at all. 


“Fast-growing communities should have a plan, but those who struggle to attract jobs and provide the basic services for their citizens shouldn’t be forced to waste taxpayer resources on growth management,” Governor Owens said.


Rep. Alice Madden and Sen. Ron Teck carried House Bill 1020, which creates a dispute resolution process for local governments whose plans conflict.  This provides local governments with the opportunity to work out their differences and establish some consistency between land use plans.  Senate Bill 15, sponsored by Sen. Rob Hernandez and Rep. Nancy Spence, gives statutory cities and counties the authority to assess impact fees to pay for the costs of new development.  These costs include essential services such as roads, sewers and drainage.


“Senate Bill 15 is an important step forward in terms of who pays for the costs of development.  This bill ensures that new growth will pay its own way,” Governor Owens said.


Finally, Rep. Ken Kester and Sen. Terry Phillips carried House Bill 1001, which reforms Colorado’s flagpole annexation laws.  Flagpole annexations occur when cities annex along narrow strips of land to reach areas far outside their boundaries, and House Bill 1001 discourages the use of these annexations while giving adjacent property owners a greater voice in the flagpole annexation process.


“These bills are the result of a bipartisan effort to preserve and enhance Colorado’s quality of life for future generations.  I am pleased that Coloradans of both parties were able to come together to support this package,” Governor Owens said.


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