Governor Bill Owens Shares His Vision of the Project

New Century Colorado will find ways to use technology to serve Coloradans more effectively and efficiently.  I would like to share with you my vision for this project.  billframe7.jpg (86862 bytes)

Colorado's economic growth points to the tremendous benefit of technology in Colorado.  Our world-class companies create a great opportunity to prepare state government for the next century.

The goal of this long-term effort is to use technology to better serve the people of Colorado. Please send me your ideas on how we can use technology to make our State work better.

The New Century Colorado project goals are:

To make State government more efficient, effective, and user-friendly
To transform State government through the use of innovative technology solutions
To improve access to and interaction with Colorado government
To increase collaboration and sharing of information within State government.

The project  will depend on the involvement and professional expertise of those who know the system best - Colorado's state employees.  Providing top-down support for bottom-up change, there are several initiatives and groups of State employees working to meet these goals. 

One group of work teams is made up of some of the State's best and brightest employees, partnered with KPMG consultants.  These teams are looking for opportunties to implement new technologies to increase efficiency across department lines.  Team members  will continue to discover opportunities that result in immediate savings for the State and will catalog technological opportunities that take longer to implement.

I ask you to help us make New Century Colorado a success. Please send me your ideas by clicking on send suggestion, or fax them to 303-866-2168. We have many challenges ahead and it won't be easy. However, I am confident that together, we will achieve our goals.

I look forward to working with you on the exciting challenges ahead.

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