Live Legislative Audio

The audio broadcast of proceedings of the Colorado General Assembly is provided only as an informational service.  Please be advised that the time and place for scheduled hearings is subject to change.  The broadcasts will only occur when the committees are in session.  In addition, technical difficulties could result in loss of audio signals or in the impairment of the quality of  transmission. (Note: To listen to legislative audio within this site requires you to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer).

Listen to the House and Senate Chambers
House of Representatives Colorado State Senate

Listen to House Committee Rooms
House Committee Room 0107 House Committee Room 0109 House Committee Room 0111 House Committee Room 0112

Listen to Senate Committee Rooms
Senate Committee Room 352 Senate Committee Room 353 Senate Committee Room 354 Senate Committee Room 356

Listen to Other Committee Rooms
Joint  Budget  Committee  Room Legislative Audit Committee Room Legislative  Services  Building 
Hearing Room A
Old Supreme Court Chambers

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