Governor's Task Force on Year 2000 Readiness

The information contained within this report is a Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure as defined in the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act of 1998. It is not intended to be an assurance, guarantee, or warranty concerning Year 2000 compliance of any system, product, or department herein mentioned.



Gov Owens Establishes Year 2000 Readiness Task Force

Recognizing the need for a statewide forum to coordinate the private and public sector’s preparations for the “Y2K” problem, Governor Owens issued an Executive Order establishing the “Governor’s Task Force on Year 2000 Readiness”. Details.

Additional Reports Highlight Preparedness in Two Critical Areas: Communications and Transportation

The Telecommunications Sector Committee concludes "... substantial industry efforts are in progress to eliminate the risk of major failure ..." Details. The Transportation Sector Committee "..can report with a high degree of confidence that..Trains and trucks will roll (safely)...planes will fly (safely)..and food will be on the shelves of grocery stores." More information.

ActionFax Speeds Communications to Citizens

New fax system ensures that information is updated and available in a timely manner. Listing of faxes and how to request to be put on the fax list.

Speaker's Bureau to Present Informational Briefings

Task Force members and others are availabale for speaking engagements. Request form. Watch for updates on speech times and locations.

Broad Spectrum of Experts to Serve on Task Force

Gov Owens selected the best-qualified public and private sector people for the Task Force. Listing.

“Y2K” Information Readily Available on the Internet

There are many sites where you can find “Y2K” information. Listings.

Got a “Y2K” Question? We Have Some Answers!

There are already many questions which have been answered.
Check here first! Listing

A Message from Governor Owens.

The ongoing transition to a global information economy makes our society increasingly dependent on computer technology. Any disruption by the so-called “Y2K” problem poses risks for Colorado.

Providing a state-wide forum for addressing the “Y2K” problem and its solutions will increase the effectiveness - and reduce the cost - of “Y2K” compliance and contingency planning for public and private institutions alike.

My Task Force on Year 2000 Readiness will develop a coordinated approach between the public and private sectors. Your assistance and input are vital in this effort and I encourage your full participation.

Find out More Information About the Task Force

If you have questions for the Task Force or want to know more about Year 2000 readiness, e-mail us at

You can also write us at:

Governor’s Task Force on
Year 2000 Readiness
Suite 1300
1675 Broadway
Denver, CO 80202-4613

If you would like to call us, our phone number is 303-620-4281

For information about the website, contact the Task Force Webmaster

New 1-888 Line Provides Free Y2K Information

The federal government introduced 1-888-USA-4-Y2K, a free line which provides information about the Year 2000 computer problem.

All information provided on this Web site is designated as a Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure pursuant to federal law.

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