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Governor's Press Releases

Governor's Pledge Against Gun Violence in Schools

Memorial Service
  • Cohen Brothers' Song "Friend of Mine" Order Information
  • Governor's National Radio Address
  • Memorial Service (Governor's Draft Remarks)
  • Please direct all donations to:

    Community Healing Fund (303-433-8383)
    C/o Mile High United Way
    2505 18th Street
    Denver, CO 80211

    All funds will be used to directly support victim’s families and any other family directly touched by this tragedy.

    Victim's Assistance:

    Families and relatives of victims can contact 303-271-5339 for transportation and lodging assistance. 

    Hotline Numbers:

    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Crisis Hotline 303-722-7474
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Victim Assistance 303-861-1160 or 1-800-879-6682
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Jeffco Mental Health 303-425-0300 or 1-800-201-5264
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Arapahoe County Mental Health 303-779-9676
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Parent Support Line 303-695-7996
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)4 Parent Support 303-620-4444
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Youth Support Line 303-894-9000
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Grief Education Institute 303-377-3040
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Denver Victim Services Center 24 hrs 303-894-8000
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Victim Outreach Information 303-202-2196
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Parents of Murdered Children & Other Survivors of Homicide Victims 303-772-6004 (Local) or 1-888-818-7662 (National)
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Outstretched Hands for Bereaved Parents 303-427-5017
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Trauma Recovery Center 303-455-2655
    bluepoint.gif (881 bytes)Project PAVE (offers counseling for adolescent victims of violence 303-322-2382)

    Jefferson County Crisis Counseling Links:

    Coordination of Volunteer Counselors

    Counselors who wish to offer their services should contact Colorado Mental Health Services at 303/866-7400 to make sure you get scheduled where needed. Preference is given to those who have been certified with Mayflower or Oklahoma City Bombing Training for crisis counseling.

    Colorado Photo Indentification Cards

    The Motor Vehicle Division will issue free Colorado Photo Identification Cards free of charge to Columbine High School students at two Southwest locations. Parents or guardians, please click here for more information.


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